Peaceful Pregnancy is about laying the foundations for PEACE right at the very beginning of life.

Science and epigenetics now show us that we can alter our genetic blueprint and also lay down positive and peaceful imprints within the cellular structure of the developing embryo and fetus. With this knowledge we can inspire, educate and empower parents of the future to contribute to world peace by becoming more mindful of those factors that play a role in the development of their child right from preconception, throughout pregnancy and at birth.

With this in mind, Peaceful Pregnancy aims to offer you information, resources and support to help you have a better understanding of how what we do as parents is SO important, not only for the future of our own children but also to the future of humanity. The future really IS in our hands …and EVERY SINGLE PERSON really CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Birth Consultations

During your personal healing session with Faye, we will explore whatever it is that you need to heal on your journey. Whether you are having trouble conceiving, have unhealed birth trauma, suffered a loss at any point in your life or simply want to feel nourished & supported, Faye is available for you.

Whether you are healing from a cesarean birth, a birth that didn’t go as planned, grieving a miscarriage/stillbirth, or navigating the conscious road through pregnancy, childbirth or parenting...know that you are loved, supported & nurtured through it all.

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Personal Healing Sessions

Conscious conception advice & healing
Birth debriefing & healing
Connecting with your unborn baby
Natural therapies for pregnancy, birth & beyond
Reiki &/or reflexology sessions


At Peaceful Pregnancy we like to keep you informed and inspired. We try to offer you a selection of useful tools and techniques that you can use to create a pleasant and memorable pregnancy and parenting journey. Below is a selection of our favourites that have proven popular in the past:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Conscious Conception
  • Pregnancy Pamper
  • Feng Shui for Birth
  • Feng Shui your birth biz
  • Feng Shui your life for health, happiness and prosperity

If there is something else that you would like to know about that is not shown here... contact me , and we will see if we can put it together for you.

About Faye

Faye ReadPeaceful Pregnancy is the creation of Faye Read, who has been passionate about inspiring others to have a positive pregnancy and birth ever since she became a parent herself.

“The Sacred Journey to motherhood begins as our consciousness awakens and we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities surrounding us. The ever present expansion of unconditional love draws the child to us, then nurtures and protects us, as we connect with one another from a deep and sacred part of ourselves. This is where we become truly illuminated & empowered. The journey to becoming the Sacred Mother has begun. May you always be surrounded with Love, Light & Blessings on your journey”
Faye Read

News & Offers

Coming Soon, Online programs for Conscious Conception, Peaceful pregnancy and Sacred Birth.

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